7 Tips to Develop A Successful Social Media Strategy

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

We are living in an era of technology. The technological advancements have greatly influenced business. Social media platform is one of them. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have become a great tool in the hands of digital marketers.

Social media is not merely for interacting with the people. Nowadays, it is an integral part of the online marketing strategies of many businesses whether big or small. Social media has become a platform where brands meet the target audience. Big players in the industry have already come to know about the importance of a good social media strategy and social media presence.

Smaller businesses, on the other hand, are becoming aware of the importance of a good social media strategy. Social media marketing is more beneficial for startups as well as small businesses because it is budget friendly, have maximum outreach and has maximum Return on Investment (RoI). Moreover, it can get you the upper hand over your competitors.

Many businesses use social media platforms for their successful marketing. Unfortunately, only a few of them can achieve the desired results. Most of the companies enter into the arena of social media platform without proper planning and strategy and fail to impress the audience.

In this article we will be discussing seven essential things to be kept in mind before stepping into the social media:

Define your goals is the first and most crucial step in the framing the social media strategy. You must be clear in your mind about what you want to achieve from your marketing campaign. The goals should be practical, tangible and achievable. Also, there is a saying that ‘A problem well defined is half solved.’

After the goal is defined, you have to keep aligned towards your goal. You have to continually invest all your money, resources and team effort in achieving the goal. If you are not persistent and not clear in your head what you want to make, then you are likely to deviate from the end goal. You have to follow the goal with passion and continuous efforts.

Know your target audience“man standing next to wall holding gray and pink skateboard” by Trinity Treft on Unsplash

For a successful social media strategy, you must know your target audience first. Because selling a comb to a bald person is worth not the effort. For successful social media marketing, it is necessary to segment the audience and focus on the target audience only. This segmentation will reduce the cost of carrying out a marketing campaign, and it will have a right turn around rate also.

It is imperative to choose the marketing channel wisely and carefully before starting. Most of the businesses even fail to mark their online presence even on one channel. While there are some others, run their social media campaign successfully on multiple platforms. You must choose the platform in which you are good at working on. Forget the rest of the platforms. One single platform has the capability that can help you in achieving your goals.

Creating an enjoyable and engaging content is the key to successful social media marketing. Business has to develop fresh, high quality and appealing content that appeals to the audience and the audience should feel connected to the company or the brand. For best results, your content should follow the 80:20 ratio. This ratio means your content should be 80 percent informative and you can advertise your brand in the rest 20 percent content. You can also back link to your business websites, encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter and to sign up to your site. Good content also ranks you higher in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and attract more traffic.

To get the desired outcomes from the social media campaign, you must know whom to follow. This demographic targeting is because all your efforts can go in vain if no one is the right people are not there to hear your voice. You need to get a huge audience base to get yourself heard. Because if no one is there to see your posts, you are just wasting your time. One simple rule is to follow your audience. There is an excellent chance that they will follow you back too.

After the social media campaign has ended or you have reached a milestone, analyzing the results is very important. It tells you where you have committed mistakes, in which areas you have performed well and which areas need further improvements. The proper analysis will give you a compelling insight into the social media marketing campaign. By eliminating the mistakes and strengthening the stronger areas, you will be able to perform better in the future campaigns.

Final Words

Social media marketing has become an integral part of the online business marketing. You cannot think of achieving excellent results without implementing a unique social media strategy. Every business must make full use of the social media platforms to leverage their sales and reaching the target audience.

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