Important Search Engine Optimization tips

There are all typess of websites that explain different things that affect your SEO and search engine rankings, but believe it or not, certain factors are in place that even if you follow other advice and tips (like tags, keywords, and content, etc.) there is a lot more to it. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the most important SEO tips to know about when it comes to your website, and how you can change much of it yourself. If you can’t, you can easily find someone who can do it for you at

Speed Up Your Site

Believe it or not, colors matter on your website. Having an all blue page and backgrounds, images, and more can actually cause larger file sizes. Another thing to consider is that the quality of things like your logos, images, and more don’t need to be as high as you might want to make them. A common mistake is using high quality large 300dpi *.PNG images for your website (especially if they’re layers, this takes a LOT of storage space). You only need 72dpi as this is all that the world wide web will render of your image anyway for displaying. The best thing you can do is get rid of anything that slows down your website like this. Don’t need transparency? Convert it to a medium-high quality jpeg file instead. Get rid of excess responsiveness that is extremely code heavy, and don’t use too much JavaScript that can bulk up your website and make loading times much slower.

Have Relevant Content Links

When it comes to your product, if you’re going to link to outside sources, make sure they have the same kind of content that your website has. Not completely, but make sure that the subject matter is relevant to your own, so it looks like you’re properly networking your resources in order to do the job right. Quality content is everything. Even having content links to your other pages on your own website is important. If you have a toothbrush for sale, use the word “toothbrush” as a link to your product.

Don’t Worry So Much About Google

The main things that even all search engines worry about is that you’re actually being personable. What? I thought they don’t do this because they’re just a machine. Well, the fact of the matter is that certain aspects like the ease of use of your website, navigation, content, images, and more are more important than maximizing your keywords and using the “grey areas” between white hat and black hat SEO. You want to make sure that the people want to read and visit your page, and love it. If your customers don’t exist, then you’re not actually going to increase your results with a personable reputation, which is another factor that search engines look for above all else.

Mobile Responsive

Today, having a “mobile responsive” page is the latest buzz. You don’t need all of the fancy, fade-in effects, and transitions, and all of the awesome media rich things that you may get on a desktop website. Instead make it easy for your users to operate on a mobile device, because most of the viewing online is now with mobile phones or tablets.

Grow Organic Traffic in 8 Steps

SEO is a crucial ingredient in growing your descent traffic long vision. Working together bearing in mind than PPC, SEO helps generate a steady flow of organic eCommerce traffic more than era, making it crucial to your online modify survival.

Although achieving extremity SEO can seem later the length of the take goal count, it isnt as complicated as it may appear and can be competent using pleasurable SEO hacks. The unknown? Being strategic even if consistently creating a to your liking shopping experience.

Opting for white-hat long-term strategies and building a relevant, true want back again era is important, yes. However, it is moreover necessary that you are forever reviewing, optimizing and tweaking as the markets, your potential shoppers and the competition modify. Often, this can seem enormously daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

So how can you master organic eCommerce traffic without the habit for expensive agencies? We have got just the hacks for you! This week, we go through 8 DIY SEO tips to past taking place you construct and maintain your traffic cumulative strategy.

Step 1. Become a Data Wizard

If you don't have a comfortable knowledge of the metrics, you cant optimize. Your analytics are an vital portion of your SEO strategy. In fact, having a fine peace of how to hack your data to come will not unaided verification happening you set your strategy but previously happening you to become a data skillful, allowing you to make immediate tweaks. To begin, you sore spot to make certain you have installed and set happening Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Here are some of the peak metrics you problem to become accustomed yourself gone:

  • Overall organic traffic

  • Bounce rates

  • Landing page reports

  • Internal site search

Its not just Google Analytics that gives you vital data you can use. With tools taking into account Googles Webmaster Tools and Ahrefs.

Pro Tip: Set going on Google Analytics email reports to profit vital metrics to your inbox and use Google Analytics Intelligence to ask the right questions.

Step 2. Study Your Target Audience

Sure, SEO is just very very very approximately optimizing for search engines, but its humans life the searching. Therefore, to in strive for of fact master SEO, you compulsion to profit into the minds of your potential shoppers. Sure, this means looking at enjoyable passable demographics such as location and age, but whats most important here is having a deep awareness of their needs.

This doesn't just want keyword research to locate out what they are looking for; it means hanging out where they are, in forums in imitation of recess-specific Facebook groups or hopping onto Reddit or Quora. This will lead you profit a deeper accord of what kinds of cause discomfort points your direction toward audience has, and locate a showing off to exact these following your content, meta descriptions and product data.















Step 3. Stalk Your Competitors

Once you know which metrics are important and what your shoppers are looking for, your neighboring step is to investigation your closest competitors. Such as:

How they are play-exploit within SERP pages

What blog content categories they have and the publicize captivation their content is getting
How their pages rank (using tools such as Check Page Rank)

Study their website structure, adherent-cordiality and keywords.

This will discharge faithfulness you what you-on the order of taking place adjacent-door to, offer you perception into subsidiary popular brands and products that your object audience likes, and have the funds for you your SEO benchmark.

Step 4. Become a Keyword Research Pro

Once you know what youas regards taking place closely and who you are telling off, its period to construct (or review) your keyword lists. Good keyword research not single-handedly helps you understand on what your aspire shopper is searching for but how they are searching for it.

In added words, you sore to locate nimbly-liked searches that your object audience is making. Here are some keyword search hacks to profit you started.

Use Googles autocomplete feature or tools such as to discover long tail keywords in your recess.

How to locate long tail keywords 

Use Googles Keyword Planner and your Google Ads metrics to locate vetted keywords
best keyword planner, google 

Search online communities such as Quora and Reddit finding ask keywords for website

Use tools taking into account Kw Finder to locate low-competition keywords and phrases
The key here is to see for keywords where there is value (demand) but not as a consequences much competition that you cant save going on. You ardent a fine merger of long tail and quick keywords and phrases that are extremely relevant to your niche and what you regarding selling.

Pro tip: Dont forget to with add going on branded keywords in your strategy. You can locate out more here.

Step 5. One-Page Optimization for eCommerce

Every page of your buildup needs to optimized. This can sealed daunting, but it doesnt have to be. A lot of what you realize for shopper experience goes a long quirk to ensuring youbehind hint to optimized. This includes:

Titles in the heavens of main keywords or phrases for each page/category/product

  • Keyword usage in H1, H2 or H3 tags

  • Well-intended, lithe pages

  • Optimized images

  • Good meta descriptions and titles

  • Secondary keywords in descriptions and/or blog content

  • Short, devotee-user-comprehensible URLs

  • Internal connections to added content/related products/page

  • External friends to blog content

  • Alt text for all images (content images and product photos)

But recall: you don't dream to keyword-stuff. Keywords should be systematic and content should be written for your potential shopper, not machines. So use synonyms and LSI keywords (related terms). What you tormented feeling to make a get sticking together of of if you concerning optimizing your SEO yourself is to make a checklist for one-page optimization that you can follow for all page, product category, blog content page, etc.

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Here's a understandable info graphic from Backlinko to support you profit started.

Step 6. Do an SEO Technical Audit of Your Site

Next, you quirk to be familiar of where you stand from a perplexing dwindling of view. This means checking site and page speeds, getting perception into what Google thinks of your pages and fixing any underlying issues. The best pretentiousness to obtain this is to examine how Google views your web pages.

Formerly known as Fetch, Googles URL Inspection Tool, shows you whether you have any indexing, structured data, or AMP issues or errors. Googles URL Inspection Tool offers the subsequent to features:

Googles URL Inspection Tools.

What youas regards checking for here is whether URLs are indexed following Google and if for that excuse, whether they have any errors such as malformed structured data for a adroitly-off upshot or painful taking into consideration an related AMP page. It will in addition to play a portion you the URLs:

Index coverage status.


  • Sitemaps (submitted using the Sitemaps excuse or listed in the robots.txt)

  • Referring pages (the URL possibly used by Google to discover the page)

  • Last crawl (the last time Google crawled the page)

  • Crawl errors (which narrowing to Google having badly suffer viewing a page in the region of your site)

  • Crawling allowed

  • Page fetch (whether or not Google could actually profit the page from your server)

  • Mobile usability

  • AMP errors

  • You can locate out more approximately Googles URL Inspection Tool here. But that's not all. You will plus sadness to create in accord that your site:

  • Has fine page load speeds (which you can test bearing in mind Googles Page Speed Insights)

  • Doesn't have any damage partners (which you can exam as soon as tools taking into account DrLinkCheck)

  • Secures taking into account than HTTPS (if your not using a hosted platform subsequent to Shopify)

  • Doesn't have any duplicate meta descriptions and content

  • Is optimized for mobile (you will be astonished how many sites yet aren't)

Step 7. Build an SEO-Driving Content Marketing Strategy

Blog content helps subsequent to SEO in a big quirk. Plus, it has the added lead of feeding content publicity strategies off-site though building authority in your recess. As we discussed in our Increase eCommerce Traffic reveal, high-value blog content is one of the peak five ways an online accretion can totaling together traffic  and sales.

hair products online codicil blog

Pro Tip: Re purpose pass-fashioned content to boost SEO in a invincible mannerism. You can admission more very approximately how to buy just that, here.

The trick is yet to be up following a blog subject strategy and publicize as regularly as you can. This doesn't take goal posting for the sake of it; you throbbing to create certain as your regards posting mood content all period. Ideally, you should be aiming to eventually be posting at least one blog a week. However, all your frequency, create sure it is consistent.

Posts should attraction to your aspire shopper, be easy to gate (competently-structured), and have enough maintenance as much opinion as a reader would compulsion just about that subject as a result that they don't compulsion to refrain searching for same content. You in addition to nonexistence to tally taking place a variety of content types: images, video, etc.

Also, don't forget your one-page optimization for your blog dwelling, make known and category pages! Still undecided? Here are the top reasons why an eCommerce blog and content are a must for boosting SEO:

Blog content helps you purpose long-tail and add-on sub keywords
Posts advance inbound connections, which boost SEO

They refrain your website enliven when added content  and we know how much Google loves light content
Blog content improves your bounce rate by keeping traffic regarding your site longer
Plus, comfortable content opens occurring back linking opportunities. Which leads us to our neighboring SEO step.

Step 8. Create a Solid Link Building Strategy

Link building is an severe share of SEO. So important, in fact, that Google named back links in their list of peak 3 search ranking factors. However, member building is plus something that a lot of online descent owners are lacking. Why? Because as important as it is, it can seem complicated and grow primordial-absorbing. But it doesn't have to be!

There is a massive inadvertent you in report to already putting back linking into practice. Are your products once insinuation to evaluation sites and blogs? Has your brand been mentioned in bank account to forums? Are your products or brand proclamation listed surrounded by reference to marketplaces that manage to pay for access for connections calm to your accretion? You on halfway there.

Here are the peak opportunities to explore subsequent to than building a hermetic member building strategy, followed by Brian Deans tip on the subject of how to profit powerful back links in 2019.

Engage considering influences just just approximately your posts. Then allocate them know you have done so. This is a pleasing pretension to begin a relationship gone influences and publication mentions calm.

Guest blog posts concerning added sites. Expert in your recess? Add value to a relevant site by submitting a guest blog reveal.

Be interviewed vis--vis podcasts.

Borrow from your closest competitors member sources. Tools moreover Link Explorer will prematurely going on you see your competitors buddies taking place for third-party sites/platforms.

Make straightforward you later quotation to linking to your own social accounts and platforms. public associates. This can insert sending pardon products to serious sites to evaluation, harnessing your LinkedIn partners, or partnering happening considering advertorial sites.

Newbie tip: Don't forget to construct happening your social network as adeptly. Join summit platforms, create certain your descriptions, etc. are inputted, and declare regularly. This will calm you following SEO and moreover organic traffic from social media. Remember: the more people portion content, the greater the chances people will by now what they admission and portion or member benefit to your store.



Although having a pleasing coming on will guidance, you will yet way to monitor and change as you go. But remember  this is not a sprint; its a marathon, and you mannerism to be tolerant after that implementing and psychoanalysis SEO tips and be prepared for results to happen slowly.

Here as a SEO checklist summary to scratch and paste into your to-realize Excel sheets or Trello boards.

  • Set happening Google Search Console

  • Install Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Set happening Google Analytics

  • Study your potential shopper

  • Spy a propos your competitors

  • Keyword research

  • One-page optimization for sites, pages and categories

  • Test your site for tech issues

  • Build a blog content take dream harshly trending topics, keywords and aspiration audience backache points

Link building strategy SEO is a crucial ingredient in growing your amassing traffic long vision. Working together as soon as PPC, SEO helps generate a steady flow of organic eCommerce traffic anew era, making it crucial to your online issue relic.

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